Various Committees


Vidyalaya Committees for the Session 2018-19

S. N.

Name of the Committee

I/C of Committee

Committee Members

Gist of Duties


Girls/Women Grievance

Mrs. Vajayanti Malviya Shukla

1. Mr. Panna Lal

2. Mrs. Payal Singh

3. Mrs. Suman Pathak



The teachers will look into the following areas:

1. Complaints from girls about their class mates.

2. Comments/eve teasing by students or male teachers

3. Any other area which involves the protection of girls from any kind of abuse from students/teachers

4. Any suppression by male teachers

5. Counselling of the students

6. Spreading awareness about adolescence problems.



Mr. Panna Lal

1. Mrs. Payal Singh

2. Mr. Akhilesh Kumar

3. Mr. M. S. Chauhan

1. To organize mock rehearsal

2. To organize talk in the morning assembly

3. To prepare a task group of students from Scout/Guide

4. To display the materials/information for students

5. During mock rehearsal the teacher I/C will monitor the movement in their respective blocks & Guide the students accordingly.



Mrs. Vajayanti Malviya Shukla

1 Mrs. S. Parhak

           As per KVS Guideline.


Academic Supervision

Mr. S. L. Karun, Principal

1. Mr. Panna Lal

2. Mr. A. K. Ojha

1. Daily observation of at least 02 lessons.

2. Checking of CW and HW copies at least once in a quarter.

3. To prepare the list of under achievers and their weak areas.

4. To prepare a list of Project work, term wise.



Kishore Vaigyanik Prtsahan Yojana(KVPY)

Mr. J. N. Sinha

1. Mrs. V. M. Shukla

2. Mr. T. P. Singh

              To send the duly completed proforma in time.


National Talent Search Exam (NTSE)

Mr. Ayaz Fazil


1. To liaison with the State Education Deptt. For the application.

2. To submit the application form in time.

3. To procure sufficient books in the library.

4. To arrange some coaching classes.



Olympiad Exams

Mr. Panna Lal

1. Mr. M. K. Sonkar

2. Mr. J. N. Sinha

3. Mr. Ayaz Fazil

4. Mrs. V. M. Shukla

1. To inform the students about these exams.

2. To collect the fee and to send the application forms.

3. To conduct the exam/to make the arrangement for sending the students to examination centre.

4. To provide the exam material from library.

5. To give additional coaching for the exam.


UNESCO Club (A MHRD Project)

Mr. Ayaz Fazil

1. Mrs. Payal Singh


1. To conduct various activities as per the memorandum signed by KV with UNESCO Club.

2. To make necessary arrangement for the activities.

3. To arrange Guest Lecture on the current topics of Global Nature.

4.  To arrange the prize for winners.

5.  To keep the accounts updated for audit.



Mr. M. K. Sonkar

Mr. T. P. Singh 

      To liaison between RO and the students in order to     send the information in time.


Excursion, Adventure and Other Activities

Mr. J. N. Sinha


1. Mrs. V. M. Shukla

2 Mr. Bundela Ram

1. To prepare an action plan based on the activities selected.

2. To make necessary arrangement for the conduct of activities.

3. To look in to the safety aspects involved in the conduct of activity.



Mr. V. K. Rai

1. Mrs. V. M. Shukla

2. Mr. S. K. Pandey

3. Mr. T. P. Singh

4. Mrs. S. Pathak


1. To prepare an action plan for whole session.

2. To procure materials in time.

3. To arrange the quotations for the printing/Xerox of the question papers.

4. To make proper arrangement for the safety of the papers etc.

5. To make necessary arrangement for the conduct of examination as per KVS guidelines.

6. To prepare the result analysis in time and to dispatch it to higher authorities wherever necessary.



Mr. Ram Lalit (Secondary)



Mrs. Suman Pathak (Primary)

1. Mr. V. K. Yadav


1. Mr. P. S. Shimar

1. To prepare an activity calendar for the whole session.

2. To prepare a list of House Masters and Associate House Masters.

3. To make equitable distribution of students in different houses.

4. To arrange the House Meetings.

5. To arrange various activities as per schedule until and unless it is unavoidable.

6. To celebrate important anniversaries, events, National and International Days in addition to Annual Day, Annual Sports Day etc.


Vidyalaya Patrika and Other Publications

Mr. V. Shukla

1. Mr. V. K. Rai

2 Mr. T. P. Singh

5. Mrs. S. Pathak

1. To collect list of activities for each quarter.

2. To collect articles from the students or the teachers or the parents.

3. To collect any latest information to be published.

4. Proper proof reading and its timely publication and distribution.


Students Council

Mr. V. K. Rai


1. Mr. R. K. Mishra

2. Mr. Ayaz Fazil

3. Mr. J. N. Sinha

4. Mrs. V. M. Shukla

5. Mrs. Payal Singh

4. To select the members of the Council.

5. To convene meeting from time to time.

6. To monitor their work.


Publicity, Press & Liaison between different Deptts. & Stake Holders

Mr. V. Shukla

1. Mr. T. P. Singh

2. Mrs. S. Pathak




Mr. A. Fazil (Secondary)

Mr. M. S. Chauhan (Primary)

1. Mrs. V. M.  Shukla

2. Mr. Bundela Ram

1. To prepare the list of class teachers.

2. To make the casual arrangements for the teachers on leave.


Career Guidance & Counselling

Mr. P. Lal

1. Mr. M. K. Sonkar

2. Mrs. V. M. Shukla

3. Mrs. Payal Singh

4. Mr. S. K. Pandey

1. To display various information on the Library Notice Board.

2. To arrange seminars and workshops from outside agencies.

3. To arrange visit to important institutions and departments.



Mrs. V. M. Shukla

1. Mr. P. Lal

2. Mr. Ayaz Fazil

1. To arrange the NAEP activities as per KVS guidelines.

2. To arrange the special meetings of parents with experts.

3. To activate the NAEP Question Bank.


Scrutiny of Income Tax & CS-54 Forms

Mr. V. K. Rai

1. Mr. T. P. Singh

2. Mr. S. K. Dwivedi




Mr. J. N. Sinha

1. Mr. Ram Lalit

2. Mrs V. M. Shukla

3. Mr. R. K. Mishra

4. Mrs. S. Pathak

1. To monitor the behavioural patterns of the students.

2. To check the indiscipline cases immediately.

3. To maintain the co-ordial relations among students and staff.


Gardening & Beautification

Mr. P. Lal

1. Mr. Ram Sanehi

2. Miss. Shivi Sharma

3. Mr. Bundela Ram

     To chalk out a programme in detail after getting  feedback from students, teachers and parents.


Maintenance/Repairing & Development

Mr. Ayaz Fazil

1. Mr. V. K. Rai     

2. Mr. Ram Sanehi

3. Mr. Akhilesh Kumar

1. To chalk out a programme in detail after getting feedback from students, teachers and parents.

2. To arrange the quotations and to make comparative statements.

3. To do the monitoring of the work specially the nos. Of casual labourers employed.


Cleanliness Committee

Mr. P. Lal

1. Mrs. Payal Singh

2. Mr. Akhilesh Kumar

3. Mrs. Suman Pathak

1. To open a register wherein daily report will be written.

2. The teacher should be assigned specific duty.

3. Each teacher will sign in the register at the end of each day and will report the status of works done by the Agency.



Science Club & Nature Club

Mr. P. Lal

1. Mr. J. N. Sinha

2. Mrs. V. M. Shukla

3. Mr. T. P. Singh

1. To conduct regular activities.

2. To conduct student seminars on different topics.

3. To invite Guest Speakers.

4. To observe Earth Day, Environment Day, Tree Plantation etc.





1. Mr. P. Lal

2. Mr. V. K. Rai

3. Mrs. Payal Singh

4. Mr. Ayaz fazil

5. Mr. S. K. Pandey

6. Mr. A. K. Ojha




To convene a meeting of Library Committee once   in each quarter to take the help of the teacher and   students in the selection of books etc.


First Aid

Mrs. V. M. Shukla

1. Mr. Ram Sanehi

2. Mr. V. K. Yadav

3. Mrs. S. Pathak


1. To upkeep all the First Aid Boxes.

2. To purchase the medicines etc. With the consultation of a Doctor.

3. To provide the medicines, First Aids etc.

4. To arrange the stretcher during morning assembly period.

5. To arrange the vehicle for sending the children to Hospital, if required.



Scout/Guide & Cubs/Bulbul Activities

Mr. A. K. Ojha

1. Mr. M. S. Chauhan

2. Mr. Ayaz Fazil

3. Mrs. S. Pathak





Mr. M. K. Sonkar

1. Mrs. V. M. Shukla

2. Mr. T. P. Singh

Making enrollment of children and teachers and giving them training.



Mr. A. K. Ojha

1. Mr. T. P. Singh

2. Mrs. S. Pathak



Class Room Display Board

Mr. Ramesh Kumar

1. Mr. Akhilesh Kumar

2. Miss. Shivi Sharma

Presentation of various items on Display Boards.



Mr. M. K. Sonkar

1. Mr. T. P. Singh

2. Ramesh Kumar

Updating/Upgrading/Renewal of vidyalaya website time-to-time.



राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समिति 

श्री संत लाल करुण, प्राचार्य

1. श्री विन्देश्वरी शुक्ला

2. श्री विजय कुमार राय

3. श्री राम सनेही

4. श्री रमेश कुमार

5. श्रीमतीममताकुशवाहा

6. श्रीमती सुमन पाठक

7. श्री एस. के. पाण्डेय

8. श्री एस. के. द्विवेदी 

·         समय-समय पर बैठकों का आयोजन

·         समय पर तिमाही रिपोर्ट को भेजना

·         सभी को हिन्दी में कार्य करने के लिए प्रेरित करना


Morning Assembly & Related Activities

Mr. V. K. Rai

1. Mr. Ramesh kumar

2. Mr. Akhilesh Kumar

3. Mr. V. K. Nahar

4. Mr. V. K. Yadav

5. Mrs. S. Pathak

Preparation and presentation of all the items Morning Assembly (House wise)


Spoken English for Primary Classes

Mr. V. K. Rai

1. Mrs. Mamta

2. Mr. S. K. Pandey

Engaging the children to speak English fluently in class room and assembly.


Vidyalaya Canteen

Mr. P. Lal

1. Mrs. V. M. Shukla

2. Mr. M. S. Chauhan

3. Mr. S. K. Dwivedi

Checking of various eatable and ensuring quality.


E-Class Room

Mr. M. K. Sonkar

1. Mr. Sanjay Verma

2. Mr. T. P. Singh


Arranging an e-class room and ensuring ‘CAT’.


Staff Quarter Allotment Committee

Mr. Ayaz Fazil

1. Mr. V. Shukla

2. Mrs. S. Pathak

3. Mr. S. K. Dwivedi


1. To seek applications from the needy staff members.

2. To prepare panel.

3. To initiate the process of allotment of staff quarters, as and when required.


General Purchases

Mr. M. K. Sonkar

1. Mr. Ram Sanehi

2. Mrs. S. Pathak

1. To invite quotations.

2. To pool the general purchase of required items/articles.

3. To prepare comparative statement.

4. To initiate for placing supply order and ensure the qualitative purchases.


Public Information Officer

Sri. S. L. Karun, Principal

1. Mr. V. Shukla

2. Mr. T. P. Singh

1.  To display all the information on vidyalaya website/Notice Board.

2. To answer/provide all the required information under RTI Act-2005 to the applicant.      


Youth Parliament

Mr. V. K. Rai

1. Mr. V. Shukla

2. Mrs. Payal Singh

3. Mr. Sanjay Verma

4. Mrs. S. Pathak

Selecting students and organizing ‘Youth Parliament’ as per KVS Guideline.


Social Science Exhibition

Mrs. Payal Singh

1. Mr. V. K. Rai

2. Mr. Sanjay Verma

3. Mr. Ram Sanehi

4. Mrs. Mamta

5. Miss. Shivi Sharma

6. Sh. V. K. Nahar

 Organizing the exhibition at Vidyalaya, Cluster, Regional and National Level as per KVS instructions.


Science Exhibition

Mr. P. Lal

1. Mr. J. N. Sinha

2. Mr. M. K. Sonkar

3. Mrs. V. M. Shukla

4. Mr. T. P. Singh

 Organizing the exhibition at Vidyalaya, Cluster, Regional and National Level as per KVS instructions.



Duty during Recess

Mr. Ayaz Fazil

S. K. Pandey

Checking the students during recess.



Financial Supervision

Sri. S. L. Karun, Principal

1. Mr. P. Lal

2. Mr. V. K. Rai

3. Mr. T. P. Singh

4. Mr. S. K. Dwivedi

Checking of financial matters.


I T Club

Mr. M. K. Snkar

1. Mrs. V. M. Shukla

2. Mr. S. K. Pandey

3. Mr. T. P. Singh

4. Km. Bhagyalaxmi

5. Ma. Prateek Shukla


To improve the interest of the students in I T.

(S. L. Karun)