Tara airline crashed, 22 people died including 3 crew members

 Social worker and hotelier Indusingh Sherchan, who arrived at the site of the Tara Air plane crash, said "no one was found alive".

He said  'कोही पनि चिनिने अवस्थामा छैनन्, कसैको हात छैन, कसैको टाउको छैन । यहाँको अवस्था दर्दनाक छ । हामीले हेर्न मात्र सकेका छौं । खराब मौसमका कारण सुरक्षा निकाय पनि आउन कठिन भइरहेको छ ।

He said that a team of Nepal Army and Armed Police Force are collecting the bodies.

According to him, the search was on for the crashed plane in the area based on the pilot's mobile phone Location and the plane's GPS. However, the search and rescue team of the Nepal Army had returned to Jomsom on Sunday saying that the search was not possible due to darkness. "I, Sumit Gauchan named brother and an inspector of Nepal Police were staying here at night with a farmer who was looking for Yarsagumba," he said.

He said that a Nepal Army team had just reached the spot by helicopter on the same basis. "The bodies are not in a burnt condition. Even if they are scattered, their faces are recognisable," he added.


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