Woman seriously injured after breaking bed while having intercourse, case registered against bed company

Agency. A couple in the southeastern English town of Worcestershire have been forced to take extreme precautions during intercourse. Her body has been paralyzed due to an injury to her spine.

 According to the news, a local man named John was having sex with his partner named Claire. But all of a sudden, their bed was broken and they fell to the ground. According to John Marshall, she got up after breaking her bed and hitting the floor, but Claire kept fighting. He laughed out loud and told Claire to get up. But Claire could not get up..

Because he had a serious spinal cord injury. The upper part of her body was unable to move. The woman, who was unable to move her body after breaking the bed during sex, has filed a case against the bed making company.

She had just bought the bed a few days earlier. The case is being heard in the London High Court. She has claimed that the accident happened due to the weakness of the bed. The bedding company has denied the allegations.

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