Phurpa's claim - I signed the agreement to save the heroin

Kathmandu. Actress Miruna Magar and accused Phurpa Lama have reached an agreement in the 'Bad Touch' case. However, the issue is still unresolved.

The two sides reached an agreement after Phurpa apologized to Miruna for admitting his mistake. Miruna has mentioned in the reconciliation that she forgave Phurpa remembering her brother. She has also apologized for the unpleasant situation that has arisen.

Although the accused Phurpa has admitted his mistake with the police, he has come out claiming that he is innocent. Recently, a video of him has been made public. Kami Sherpa, a Buddhist leader, had a video chat with Phurpa. In the conversation, Phurpa has denied the allegations against him. He claims that he touched Miruna by mistake in the crowd without any intention.

He also claimed that he had made a compromise with Miruna under pressure. He said that he had signed the agreement so that people would not call the heroine bad.

As Phurpa said: I went to see a movie that day. Celebrities came after the movie. I also went to see celebrities. It was very crowded. I really like to take photos. Only occasionally get to take photos with celebrities. The girl was found there. Everyone was taking photos with him. I didn't know she was a heroine. I also took photos.

I was dragged back here. This is what happened to the hand when it was pushed. He gave a slap. I said yes. People have to say goodbye. I said exactly. I was scared. I didn't see other people. Then I started to leave.

After going there, I met my friends. They walked away. As he was about to fall from the elevator, a man came running from above. He grabbed me and took me upstairs. From there he was taken to the police station.

I was not beaten inside the police station. But, I was very nervous. I was very scared. I didn't know what would happen. The only thing on my mind was when I would leave.

The paperwork was not done at the police station. Is over There was a discussion on how to get along. We talked for a long time and we both said we would apologize for the misunderstanding. However, the heroine refused. He said that people are calling me bad, if he writes like that, he will abuse me more and I will cry. There has been a lot of controversy over this word.

There was talk that the film would not be allowed to run until we sent the agreed paper. So everyone put pressure that the paper must be done.

I signed up to save the heroin so that others would not call it bad. I can't read or write. Others had read it.

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